Living space and the place of art in the Bairro dos Olivais Sul, Lisbon


  • Inês Andrade "Investigadora del CR POLIS de la Universitat de Barcelona. Master en Diseño Urbano: Arte, Ciudad, Sociedad"


Housing, Art, Integration of the Arts, Interdisciplinarity, Lisbon


The aim of this paper is to show how, in the design of public spaces of the Olivais Sul housing program [Lisbon, 1959- c.1965] a unique experience of the so-called “integration of the arts” was promoted, bringing together architects, artists and other professionals to work as team in a way that could be described today as interdisciplinary. This experience is described and contextualized in national and international levels.



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Andrade, Inês. 2009. “Living Space and the Place of Art in the Bairro Dos Olivais Sul, Lisbon”. On the W@terfront, no. 12 (April):164-71.