The experience of the New Stakeholders Programme in Italy


  • Lisa Parola


Public art, public sphere, participation, collaboration, display


This text is published in 20 years of a.titolo’s projects, one of the first italian curatorial collective oriented in the art in public sphere. The projects that we have curated since 1997 have allowed us to develop a methodology and a specific theoretical orientation that rethinking the experience and the practices of the ‘making in the common sphere’ and its infinite definitions in these decades. Medium among the most effective and visible in the promotion strategies of the national heritage, the art is in the last decades
included between the tourist and cultural policy of many public administra-tions. Invoked as architecture or urban design protheses, it is invited to move from the closed space of museums and galleries in the street, the square or the garden, maintaining unchanged its defini-tion. In the ‘city-enterprise’ the art is often delegated to the spectacle of the urban environment - in the logic of the big event - aimed at the formation of a “customer” forgetting his civic and cultural value. But if the city becomes the product, what it earns the local community involved in these new forms of public policy?



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