Ribera Walk. A great belvedere for the city


  • Carla Díaz
  • José Antonio De Gracia
  • Thyago Dantas
  • Laura Cedrés


Diseño urbano, estudios Urbanos, Gobernanza, regeneración urbana, memoria, Participación cívica, participación de la comunidad, Bon Pastor, Barcelona


This paper describes the design process of the public space for the Paseo de Ribera del Río Besòs, in the section between the neighborhoods of Barò de Viver and Bon Pastor in the district of Sant Andreu. The antecedents of the neighborhoods are analyzed, as well as their current situation, the problems detected, the development of the project, the final result obtained supported with plans, sections and views.

From the very beginning a very clear space of rupture is detected in the territory: the existence of the Litoral round belt interrupts the continuity of the urban fabric with the margin of the Besòs river. This produces a certain segregation of neighborhoods with respect to the rest of the city, due to the fragmentation of the urban fabric that forms barriers in certain sectors and prevents fluid access to the riverbank.

Taking this as one of the main points to improve, we propose a public space design project based on a walkway where three spaces are distinguished:

INTEGRATION SPACE. It is intended to give an answer to the rupture in relation to the city-river relationship, covering the Ronda del Litoral through the creation of a walk that is both visually and spatially related to the river and that allows the union between both margins as well as along the river.

SPACE OF CONTINUITY. A linear, directed and dynamic turn is proposed, which accompanies the flow of the river and connects the existing public spaces. In this way a link of spaces that form a readable urban structure is created and perceived through pedestrian mobility, spatiality and landscape.

MULTI-PROGRAMMATIC SPACE. It seeks to achieve an environment where you can walk, observe nature, go by bicycle and practice various recreational, urban and residential activities.



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Díaz, Carla, José Antonio De Gracia, Thyago Dantas, and Laura Cedrés. 2018. “Ribera Walk. A Great Belvedere for the City”. On the W@terfront 60 (3):29-46. https://revistes.ub.edu/index.php/waterfront/article/view/21480.