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NOTICIAS / NEWS  (“Transfer”, 2015)



1. First Forlì International Workshop – Corpus-based Interpreting Studies: The State of the Art University of Bologna at Forlì, 7-8 May 2015.<file:///owa/redir.aspx


2. 5th IATIS Conference – Innovation Paths in Translation and Intercultural Studies, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 7-10 July 2015.


3. POETRY/TRANSLATION/FILM – POÉSIE/TRADUCTION/FILM PoeTransFi, Paul Valéry University, Montpellier, France, 18-19 June 2015.

4. 6th International Maastricht-Lodz Duo Colloquium on “Translation and Meaning”, Maastricht School of Translation & Interpre-ting, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Maastricht, Netherlands

21-22 May 2015.


5. MiddleWOmen. Networking and cultural mediation with and between women (1850-1950). Centre for Reception Studies (CERES), HERA Travelling TexTs project and Huygens ING 
KU Leuven campus Brussels 
7-8 May 2015.


6. 5th International Symposium: Respeaking, Live Subtitling and Accessibility, Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma, Italy, 12 June 2015.


7. Conference on Law, Translation and Culture (LTC5) and Legal and Institutional Translation Seminar, University of Geneva, Switzerland

24-26 June 2015.


8. 6th International Conference Media for All  – Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility: Global Challenges, University of Western Sydney, Australia, 16-18 September 2015.




9. Translation in Exile, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 10-11 December 2015.


10. Literary Translation as Creation, Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse, 20-21 May 2015.


11. 4th International Conference on Language, Medias and Culture (ICLMC 2015) 9-10 April 2015. 
Kyoto, Japan,


12. 9th International Colloquium on Translation Studies in Portugal – Translation & Revolution, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisbon, 22-23 October 2015.


13. Translation as Collaboration: Translaboration?, University of Westminster, London, 18 June 2015

Contact: Alexa Alfer (, Steven Cranfield (, Paresh Kathrani (


14. Translation/Interpreting Teaching and the Bologna Process: Pathways between Unity and Diversity, FTSK Germersheim, Germany

27–29 November 2015.

15. Atlantic Communities: Translation, Mobility, Hospitality, University of Vigo, Spain, 17-18 September 2015.

16. Exploring the Literary World III: Transgression and Translation in Literature Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
23-24 April 2015.

17. Authenticity and Imitation in Translation and Culture, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw, Poland, 7 – 9 May 2015.

18. Translation in Transition, Barnard College, New York City, USA

1-2 May 2015.

19. First Forlì International Workshop – Corpus-based Interpreting Studies: The state of the art, University of Bologna at Forlì, Italy, 7-8 May 2015.


20. Translation and Meaning. The Lodz Session of the 6th International Maastricht-Lodz Duo Colloquium, University of Lodz, Poland, 18-19 September 2015.


21. TAO-CAT-2015, Université Catholique de l’Ouest, Angers, France

28-30 May 2015.

22. English Language and Literary Studies (ELLS 2015), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, 3-4 August 2015.

23. Talking to the World 2: The Relevance of Translation and Interpreting – Past, Present and Future, Newcastle University, UK, 10-11 September 2015.


24. 6th International Symposium for Young Researchers in Translation, Interpreting, Intercultural Studies and East Asian Studies

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain,
3 July 2015.

25. Portsmouth Translation Conference: Border Crossing or Border Creation?, University of Portsmouth, UK, 14 November 2015.

26. New Perspectives in Assessment in Translation Training: Bridging the Gap between Academic and Professional Assessment, University of Westminster, London, UK, 4 September 2015.

27. III Congreso Internacional de Neología en las Lenguas Románicas

University of Salamanca, 22-24 October 2015.

28. Some Holmes and Popovič in all of us? The Low Countries and the Nitra Schools in the 21st century, Constantine the Philosopher University, Nitra, Slovakia, 8-10 October 2015. Contact:


29. The Cultural Politics of Translation, Cairo, Egypt, 27-29 October 2015.


30. Journée d’étude « le(s) figure(s) du traducteur », Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada, 30 April 2015.




31. Mediterranean Editors and Translators Annual Meeting —Versatility and readiness for new challenges, University of Coimbra, Portugal, 29-31 October 2015.

32. Lengua, Literatura y Traducción “liLETRAd”, University of Seville, Spain, 7-8 July 2015.


33. Meta: Translators' Journal is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2015! For the occasion, an anniversary colloquium will be held on August 19th to 21st, 2015 at the Université de Montréal (Montréal, Canada). Colloquium for the 60th Anniversary of META – 1955-2015: Les horizons de la traduction: retour vers le futur. Translation’s horizons: back to the future. Los horizontes de la traducción: regreso al futuro, August 19-21, 2015 – Université de Montréal.

Please send your proposal to this address:, to the attention of Georges L. Bastin or Eve-Marie Gendron-Pontbrian



1. Legal Translation, Master universitario di II livello in Traduzione Giuridica University of Trieste, Italy.


2. Traducción Especializada, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), Spain.


3. Online course: La Traducción Audiovisual y el Aprendizaje de Lenguas Extranjeras, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Madrid, 1st December 2014 to 31st May 2015.

Contact: Noa Talaván (, José Javier Ávila (


4. Online course: Audio Description and Its Use in the Foreign Language Classroom, UNED, Madrid, Spain


5. Online course: Curso de Formación de Profesorado, La Traducción Audiovisual y el Aprendizaje de Lenguas Extranjeras UNED, Madrid, Spain.



6. EST Training Seminar for Translation Teachers, Kraków, Poland

29 June – 3 July 2015.

7. Train the Trainer -Teaching MT: EAMT-funded Workshop, Dublin City University, 30 April- 1 May 2015.


1. 2015 Nida School of Translation Studies, Leading Edges in Translation: World Literature and Performativity, San Pellegrino University Foundation campus, Misano Adriatico, Italy, 18-29 may 2015.

2. EMUNI Translation Studies Doctoral and Teacher Training Summer School, University of Turku, Finland, 1-12 June 2015.

3. Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation, School of Translation and Interpretation, University of Ottawa, Canada, 13th July – 7th August 7 2015.


4. Summer Program in Translation Pedagogy, University of Ottawa

13 July – 7 August 2015.



1. Audio Description: New Perspectives Illustrated, Edited by Anna Maszerowska, Anna Matamala and Pilar Orero, John Benjamins, 2014.


2. Call for papers: Translation Studies in Africa and beyond: Reconsidering the Postcolony, Editors: J Marais & AE Feinauer

Contacts: Kobus Marais ( or Ilse Feinauer (


4. Measuring live subtitling quality: Results from the second sampling exercise, Ofcom, UK.



5. A Training Handbook for Legal and Court Interpreters in Australia by Mary Vasilakakos, ISBN 978-0-9925873-0-7, Publisher: Language Experts Pty Ltd.


6. Call for papers: Opera and Translation: Eastern and Western Perspectives, Edited by Adriana Serban and Kelly Kar Yue Chan

7. The Known Unknowns of Translation Studies, Edited by Elke Brems, Reine Meylaerts and Luc van Doorslaer, Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2014.


8. Translating the Voices of Theory/ La traduction des voi de la théorie

Edited by Isabelle Génin and Ida Klitgård, 2014.

9. Authorial and Editorial Voices in Translation 1 - Collaborative Relationships between Authors, Translators, and Performers, Eds. Hanne Jansen and Anna Wegener, 2014.


10. Authorial and Editorial Voices in Translation 2 - Editorial and Publishing Practices, Eds. Hanne Jansen and Anna Wegener, 2014.

11. Call for papers: Achieving Consilience. Translation Theories and Practice.

12. Framing the Interpreter. Towards a visual perspective. Anxo Fernández-Ocampo & Michaela Wolf (eds.), 2014, London: Routledge.


13. Multilingual Information Management: Information, Technology and Translators, Ximo Granell, 2014.


14. Writing and Translating Francophone Discourse: Africa, The Caribbean, Diaspora, Paul F. Bandia (ed.), 2014, Amsterdam, Rodopi




15. Call for papers (collective volumen): Translation studies in Africa and beyond: Reconsidering the postcolony

16. Audiovisual Translation in the Digital Age - The Italian Fansubbing Phenomenon, By Serenella Massidda, Palgrave Connect, 2015.

17. Video: First International SOS-VICS Conference - Building communication bridges in gender violence, University of Vigo, Spain

25-26 September 2014.

18.  Camps, Assumpta. Traducción y recepción de la literatura italiana, Publicacions i Edicions UB, 2014. ISBN: 978-84-475-3776-1.


19. Camps, Assumpta. Italia en la prensa periódica durante el franquismo, Publicacions i Edicions UB, 2014. ISBN:  978-84-475-3753-2.




  1. Call for papers: “Altre Modernità – Rivista di studi letterarie e culturali” Special Issue: Ideological Manipulation in Audiovisual Translation, Contact:

2. Call for papers: “Between, Journal of the Italian Association of Comparative Literature”. Special issue on censorship and self-censorship.

3. Open access journal, “Hieronymus, A Journal of Translation Studies and Terminology”, Croatia.

4. “DIE SCHNAKE. Zeitschrift für Sprachkritik, Satire, Literatur”, Number 39+40, Kleines ABC des Literaturübersetzens.


5. Call for papers: “MonTI” 8 (2016) - Economic, Financial and Business Translation: from Theory to Training and Professional Practice.

6. Call for papers: “LINGUISTICA ANTVERPIENSIA”, NEW SERIES -Themes in Translation Studies (15/2016). Interpreting in Conflict Situations and in Conflict Zones throughout History.

7.  Call for papers: “CULTUS: The Journal of Intercultural Mediation and Communication” (8/2016). The Intercultural Question and the Interpreting Professions.


8. Call for papers: “The Journal of Specialised Translation”

Non-thematic issue, Issue 26, July 2016.

9. “TranscUlturAl: A journal of Translation and Culture Studies”,

Special issue Translating Street Art.


10. “Przekładaniec 28: Audiodeskrypcja [Audio Description]”, edited by Anna Jankowska and Agnieszka Szarkowska. All papers are published in Polish, with English abstracts.


11. Call for papers: “Lingvisticæ Investigationes”, Special issue on Spanish Phraseology: Varieties and Variations.

Further details:;

13. Call for papers: “Revista de Lenguas para Fines Específicos”, Special issue on The Translation of Advertising. Contact: Laura Cruz ( Deadline: 20th July 2015.

14. “The AALITRA Review”.

15. “Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning E”

16. Call for papers: “Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning E”.

18. Call for papers: “Translation and Translanguaging in Multilingual Contexts”, Volume 1, Number 2, 2015
Deadline: 10-Jan-2015.


19. Call for book reviews: “TRANS. Revista de Traductología,” vol.19, 2015. Deadline: Friday, 30th January 2015.

20. Call for papers: “a journal of literature, culture and literary Translation”. Special volume – Utopia and Political Theology Today

Deadline: 15th January 2015. Contact:

21. “trans-kom”.

22. “Linguistica Antverpiensia” NS-TTS 13/2014: Multilingualism at the cinema and on stage: A translation perspective, Edited by Reine Meylaerts and Adriana Şerban.


23. Call for papers: 5th issue (2015) of “Estudios de Traducción”, Deadline: 20 February 2015.

24. Call for papers: “Journal of Translation Studies” - special issue on Translator & Interpreter Education in East Asia. KATS (Korean Association of Translation Studies), (Go to 'English' page). Contact: Won Jun Nam (,


25. “The Journal of Specialised Translation”, 23, January 2015.

26. Call for papers: “TranscUlturAl: A Journal of Translation and Cultural Studies”. Deadline: 15 March 2015.

27. “New Voices in Translation Studies”, Issue 11 (Fall 2014).


28. “The Interpreter and Translator Trainer”, 8:3 (2014).

Special issue: Dialogue Interpreting in practice: bridging the gap between empirical research and interpreter education

E. Davitti and S. Pasquandrea (eds.)





1. Support Spanish interpreters to secure the right to translation and interpreting in criminal proceedings: