THINKING THE CITY, in the TIME of Uncertainty. On models and paradigms of the contemporary city


  • Ana Luisa Brandão "Mestre em Arquitectura pelo IST - Lisboa."


City, time, urban project, urban paradigms


It’s obvious today that the city we knew has changed: grew far beyond its old limits, multiplied its centres, specialized some areas, expanded its influence with help from infrastructure networks. The rising of the information society, the changing in the economic and technologic paradigms, the globalization (as a process of spacial and temporal reorganization at a world level), reflected deeply in the functioning and demands made to the contemporary city.

And if discourses about Space, continue to prevail in architectural and urban culture that we receive everyday, today’s architecture and city are strongly conditioned by different ways to “see” Time. More than temporal concepts schemes, the determinant for “space production” is the way how these temporal conceptions influence and determine the action the city project and its meaning.

Analysing several examples of paradigmatic thinking, from recent theory on contemporary city, we’ll study statements and solutions for problems that rise from these new spatial and temporal transformations.



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