From design to co-design an opportunity for participatory design in the transformation of the public space


  • Sofía Águas "Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa"


co-design, public space, participatory design, interdisciplinarity


This article discusses the role that co-design could take in the planning and implementation of urban public spaces and its importance in the creative process as a dimension of the project itself. It is performed a reflection on co-design and urban public space concepts, through which, this paper seeks to problematize these issues. It is presented various actions by citizen activists concretely engaged in shaping the spatial, material, and social aspects of their cities, as well as participatory projects as strategic tools for urban development. The co-design emerges as a participatory approach that allows establishing communication between experts and non-experts and allows the intervention, participation and involvement of all stakeholders regardless their professional, social or cultural knowledge and practice.



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Águas, Sofía. 2012. “From Design to Co-Design an Opportunity for Participatory Design in the Transformation of the Public Space”. On the W@terfront, no. 22 (April):57-70.