Journal of Neuroeducation

Online ISSN: 2696-2691

The Journal of Neuroeducation is an open, trilingual and free of charge initiative from the Chair of Neuroeducation UB - EDU1ST. Online and biannual article publication is starting July 2020, with the aim of building bridges between neuroscience and education, in order to develop and consolidate an evidence-based science of learning. Read Focus and Scope.

The journal contains a special section, Neuromads, where authors will publish abstracts of their articles coming with each submission, and which are reviewed by high school and college students. This section is for you, the youngest ones, and will be written in a close and attractive language so that you can be informed about the activity of the journal and the advances in neuroeducation. Check the section's Peer Review Process to know how this works. And stay tuned!


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