"The city, like all that is solid is melting into the air? . Provisional Essay on Duration and Complexity


  • Pedro Brandão


Time, City, Desire, Public Space


This paper attempts to answer the question: When the city is out of our desire and our design, can we try a new reading that reconciles us with memory and at the same time, the future of the city? Or will we continue to convert the city in the factory of illusions that exploits time? The length of the city, can be measured by the lives of those who are witness, and so we can build or not, for all and to stay in the public space?.



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Brandão, Pedro. 2009. “&Quot;The City, Like All That Is Solid Is Melting into the Air? . Provisional Essay on Duration and Complexity”. On the W@terfront, no. 12 (April):189-92. https://revistes.ub.edu/index.php/waterfront/article/view/18894.